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Buildings and Facilities Program

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

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Criteria for selecting proposals...

Written criteria are used to evaluate projects during the on-site study. Each study is conducted to: (1) Determine the need for and importance of the facility as it relates to the agricultural interest in the requesting State, the region, and the Nation; (2) determine the extent to which the facility is expected to contribute to the effectiveness of agricultural research, teaching, and extension programs; (3) examine alternatives to the facility proposed; (4) determine the local commitment to the facility and the programs it is intended to house; (5) assure that the requestor is able to provide the required matching support for the construction if Federal funding is forthcoming; and (6) assure that the intended use of the facility lies within the mission of USDA. Reports prepared by review teams are reviewed internally to ensure that they adequately address these issues. Grant proposals submitted to CSREES after the on-site visit are reviewed by CSREES faculty and staff for adherence to approved plans and Federal regulations, project accomplishments, and allow ability of costs.